Online platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype and many more have made it possible for so many people to still connect. 

Let’s zoom in on a couple of facts (excuse the pun :); during Level 3 lockdown:

Home Affairs minister Aaron Motsoaledi has announced that people may marry at a Home Affairs office with a marriage officer. This is great news; we are overjoyed! Finally, marriages are not part of the prohibition list, fantastic! 

AND with all good news there is always a ‘but’, BUT minister Motsoaledi has announced that no wedding ceremonies are permitted, and a maximum of two witnesses are allowed. 

Great. Thanks, Motsoaledi.   

Apart from this announcement, we have received other good news. 

We may now buy alcohol during Level 3 lockdown, and as you might think – well this is the best thing of my week so far, we totally agree. 

It might be the best thing that has been announced since the start of Lockdown, and we would like you to take full advantage of this. (Okay and here it comes) BUT, with consideration on the planning of your online wedding. 

Now, you might be thinking, I don’t want to hear about another COVID-19 rule – and we ain’t going to give it to you sister! 

We are here to deliver some good news! We have thought this over and have truly considered the option on having an online wedding, it is modern, and can be oh-so-sleek with the correct tools, tips and guides. 

Let’s think this through together:   

Step 1: How do I invite my guests? 

Let’s start with the date, time and invitation; online platforms usually automatically sends out a text-string when sending an invitation – which with all honesty is too businessy, we want to share the love babe! We have helped you out, with some beautiful designs, to get this drab invite into something a little sleeker. It’s super easy to change online, looks beautiful and will also be functional to send out information to your guests.   

Step 2: How many guests can we invite online? 

Well here is the good news. You can have as many as you like with online platforms. You may even have more than the prescribed two witnesses - online (shhh, don’t tell the minister). Send those invitations!   

Step 3: What about the celebration? 

Get the bubbles ready! Here is where the advantage of Level 3 truly comes in. As a precursor to the formal celebration you can ask your online guests to each buy a bottle of Sparkling Wine, have the glasses ready when you have said you’re I do’s – to do nothing more, than to celebrate! Ching-Ching!   

Step 4: Let’s keep the good vibes going 

Send a thank-you to all your guests who attended the online wedding, with our online templates – they are easy, beautiful and makes anyone the posh-designer. Send the love online!   

Should online weddings be considered? The answer is YES. 

We believe that online-weddings are just the start of something great, whilst we are all in the same Lockdown regulations, we might as well make the best of it, and still be able to celebrate love.    

Let’s zoom in on the good.   

Moi Noi Team @MoiNoi