Firstly, we would like to say how very terribly sorry we are that your wedding date may be changing. The coronavirus has impacted many weddings and you needn't feel alone - we've got your back. Herewith your official guide on the etiquette on postponing a wedding date, due to the Coronavirus outbreak:   

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Step One: Keep calm! There is so much to think about when planning your big day, no matter where your wedding date falls in the calendar. But if your date happens to fall in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, you might be wondering what to do and how to postpone your wedding date.   

As for many bridal couples, the Coronavirus and Lockdown have been an unforeseen circumstance and had to make the heartbreaking decision of postponing their wedding, we want to make this upsetting process as quick and simple as possible. Here are some practical steps to inform your vendors, family and friends of your decision.   

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Step Two: Reschedule a date with your vendors It is important to keep your vendors informed on your decision, and for many professionals rescheduling a date will not be the first time they have dealt with postponing a wedding. Call your highest priority vendors such as your wedding planner, venue coordinator, stationery supplier, photo- and videographer and venue. They will be well-versed in the best way to reschedule your wedding date.   

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Step Three: Communication is key Update the guests of your decision. We have bespoke themes to help you design your postponing announcement to use on keeping your guests in the loop. Notify your guests as soon as possible as many will need to rearrange travel or have deadlines within which to apply for a refund. You can do this by sending your guests an email or WhatsApp with the updated date. 

To help you change this date, and inform your guests we have bespoke themes, simply: - Select the bespoke theme you prefer. We have six beautiful bespoke themes for you to choose from! 

- Make payment through our Etsy store 

- Change the names, dates, time, venue 

- Export your final to jpeg to send out to your wedding party.   

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The bespoke themes are readily available in our online store. You can change the date, quick and easy with no hassle (amount may vary depending on the exchange rate).   

We have created an online resource for you to easily change and communicate this date change to your guests. Browse our store, and choose from six bespoke designs:   

Change the Date - Soft Rose Beige

Change the date, Wedding postponement announcement – Digital download available on Etsy.   

For custom orders please send us an email to or send us a DM @MoiNoiDesigns.   

Dry off those tears, keep your head up, we will get through this!   Sending you love, and warm wishes! Moi Noi Designs